Best Trees and Plants for Bird Lovers

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It is a grand experience to have birds flutter around your territory they nuzzle the flowers in your backyard and fly around the trees, as well as babied in them. But here is the catch: having flowering plants may attract birds, but they rarely attract birds to stay in your garden or yard without proper knowledge on what kinds of plants and shrubs to have in your territory.   

In this article, we will share with you some of the shrubs, trees, and plants that will attract birds.  

Attracting Birds to Your Yard   

A very effective way to lure different kinds of birds is to have some flowers, trees, and shrubs that can provide food to the birds as well as shelter to them.   

The Trees that Best Attract Birds in Your Garden or Yard  

There are a few things you need to take into account when you want to be successful in luring birds in your area through trees. It is a given fact that these birds are native to your locality and so have some trees that their kinds commonly habituate in the area. Also, other things you need to consider are the type of insects the trees attracts too and how effective can they be in providing shelter and nesting area for the birds. The following are some of the bird-lover’s trees you need to have in your yard:  

1. From zones 2 to 7 – Eastern Red Cheddar, Blue Spruce, and Paper Birch  

2. From zones 3 to 8 – Crabapple, Black Cherry, Eastern White Pine, Winterberry Holly  

3. From zones 4 to 8 – Service Berry, Red Mulberry, American Beech, White Oak  

4. From zones 5 to 9 – American Holly, Flowering Dogwood, Firethorn, and Hawthorn  

5. From zones 7 – 10 – Crepe Myrtle, and Magnolia  

If you need professional help, the tree service company Kennewick, WA, will always be there to help you. Contact them for the different services they provide.   

The Plants that Best Attract Hummingbirds  

Birds also like going to plants for food and nectar. The following are the flowers that invite birds into your garden.   

1. From zones 2 to 11 – Yarrow and Marigold  

2. From zones 3 to 8 – Bee balm, Aster, Zinnia, etc.   

3. From zones 5 to 8 – violets and Daisy  

The Flowers that Best Attract Hummingbirds 

Besides plants and trees, birds also fond of flowers. The following are the flowers that you can plant if you want to attract birds:  

Highbush Cranberry, Juniper, Elderberry, Spice Bush, American Beautyberry  

Why is it Important to Plant Trees and Attract Birds?  

There are many advantages you can have when you plant different trees, plants, and flowers that also attract birds. Should you need tree services, you can contact tree service company Kennewick WA 

These greens are effective in keeping your garden and territory cool and relaxing while also at the same time making your landscape attractive. Besides the good effects on your territory, birds can also benefit you in the long run. Besides giving you good scenery and calming view, birds are also good pollinators. You will not just have cute birds flocking in your garden, but you will also benefit the entire community.   

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